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Banana Leaves


“Kathleen’s yoga classes are so relaxing and peaceful. She sets just the right tone with breathing and movement. I come out of her classes feeling refreshed and re-energized.” - Mary

“I absolutely love On My Mat Yoga with Kathleen. I am new to yoga and was really scared to try it, but I was hooked after our first session. She is able to provide a safe, non-judgmental environment for yogis at all levels. She provides alternative poses or version of poses for people who can’t quite master the full iteration of which I am very appreciative. I try to go to On My Mat Yoga as much as I can!" - Katherine

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“I wanted to say a special thank you for your yoga classes. It’s obvious that you are very passionate about it and you have become an excellent instructor. I was at a different class last week at with a new instructor. The whole time I was thinking that I would rather be in your class. You know how to challenge us just enough for a good workout.” -Margie

“I have found the On My Mat Yoga sessions to be the best blend of the different aspects of yoga: I have an opportunity to get a workout, but also to find stillness and peace. Kathleen has the unique ability to meet each class where they are by creating a space where you are encouraged to do your best, push yourself to do each movement or pose correctly, but in a no judgment environment. These reasons are why I come back again and again!” - David

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​​“Kathleen is a dedicated yoga instructor who teaches a variety of levels and styles. She makes it a priority to meet the needs of her students.” - Barb

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