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Banana Leaves


I am a Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance and am passionate about bringing the gift, the practice of yoga, to everyone–not only to improve one’s health, but also to increase one’s quality of life! This is my way of helping to make the world a better place.



I studied the ancient practice of Ashtanga Yoga in my teacher training, and continue to study and teach the practice of yoga, including the yoga sutras, the breath (pranayama), meditation, chakra balancing, hand mudras, and more. I was 21 years old when I took my first session of eight yoga classes, and it changed my life. When I learned the deep diaphragmatic breath, it was a game changer for me! I had more energy, slept better and was more clear minded! I taught aerobics, was certified with the American Council on Exercise, but nothing improved the quality of my life like yoga! It’s my passion and I want to share it.

When I'm not in the yoga studio, 

I love to wake up and make my cup of tea and sit outside early in the morning, listen to the birds, listen to the quiet, and feel the breeze on my face. There is nothing like being outside in nature.  I start my day out grounded and grateful. Hiking is being in the moment. One foot in front of the other, contact with the ground, surrounded by trees and plants giving off oxygen, and taking in my CO2. Cincinnati has great parks, and I love hiking in the Rocky Mountains, Blue Ridge Parkway, and Sedona. I love getting my hands and knees dirty in my vegetable and flower gardens where the birds like to bathe and feed. I'm my most creative outside when my thoughts wander to higher vibrations. Everybody needs to step away from the rat race, and I make sure I do it every day. Yoga, too, raises my vibration, makes me feel grateful, in the moment, and I am one with the universe. 

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